Freelance illustrator - Production/Game artist - Author of Basement Dwellers
Black and white fullbody sketch Bust with one color Full color bust Full color character Full color character with accessories 2 Full color characters Illustration

Hey guys I’m opening up commissions! I’ve got 5 slots open, and I’m up for drawing pretty much anything that’s non-explicit— although that can probably be negotiated. Prices can be negotiated as well, if you’re interested in mixing and matching elements.

Once payment is confirmed, I’ll start on your piece and send you a low-res preview in case any small adjustments are needed. Many repeated adjustments may require a change in price.

Sketch (B/W) or Bust (1 spot color) - $10

Full color bust - $15

Full color character drawing - $20

2 Characters (full color) - $25 (add $5 per character) 

Character sticker drawing (full color, white border, scenery) - $27

Illustration (Full scene with character and background) - $40

You can email me at lelandlgoodman@gmail.com or send me an ask if you’re interested! If you want a certain style, please send me a link to any reference you have.


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